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How to calculate your Bike Mileage ? 3 best Techniques.

How to calculate your Bike Mileage ? 3 Techniques explained

Let’s consider a few equations running inside our heads before buying a bike that is worth riding through the hills, busy streets, or to a faraway fancy destination. Our brain weaves many unanswered questions like which Bike suits me the most to ride on hilly terrain, which Bike I can afford under the radar of my economic purse, which Bike has additional features, or which Bike has soft cushioned seats.

Apart from all the unanswered questions running through your head, there is one constant key unanswered question which you want to know whenever you purchase a brand new bike, and that is to understand what mileage your Bike provides under different circumstances and different algorithms, which is a base for smooth and economic functionality.

How to calculate your Bike Mileage ? 3 Techniques explained.
 How to Assess the mileage of your Bike?

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 With a nation under which fuel price rises every now and then, every passionate buyer aims to acknowledge the mileage a vehicle can provide to us, which is actually a witty move if you want to understand the algorithm and turn things in your favor a smooth way. Before we start switching on our bikes and calculating the mileage, let me clarify a few things before making you understand the calculation part.

Mileage is synonymously used with words like average and fuel economy; in India, the fuel[Petrol/diesel] is usually calculated in liters instead of gallons as seen in the case of many western countries, which means we have to calculate the mileage in kilometers in our country.

 How to Assess the mileage of your Bike?

 The algorithm behind calculating the mileage of your Bike is relatively smooth and straightforward, which you can understand and remember once you glare through the pinned words presented in this article. The system for calculating the mileage of your Bike is as follows-

The distance progressed in kilometers divided by the volume of fuel utilized in liters is a fundamental equation for calculating the mileage of your Bike.

 For example, suppose a person named N travels a  distance of around 200 kilometers with a fuel of approximately 5 liters by applying the above formula. In that case, the result will be [200/5], which is about 40 kmpl.

 To clearly understand the concept of how to efficiently calculate the mileage of your bike lets, explore and invigorate different ways to calculate your bike mileage more efficiently and accurately.

1. Reserve technique to calculate your Bike Mileage

This technique is also fondly known as the reserve filling technique, a scientifically established way of assessing your bike mileage. It requires the least effort from the rider’s end. The estimation part begins with the reverse switch. It’s pretty simple, as soon as your bike halts at its reserve position, enable the trip meter, or you can also trace the odometer at its existing state.

For example, let us presume that your odometer reads about 550 km upon halting at the reserve point. At this point, you fill up your fuel tank specifically with 1 liter, and then you start riding again. The moment your bike halts at the reserve position, you receive different sets of readings of both the trip meter and the odometer; the trip meter showcases the Bike’s precise mileage output; for instance, let’s consider your odometer reading to be around 600 km and your trip meter reading to be 550 km which equates to about 50 km if you subtract the reading of tripmeter from the task of the odometer.

To come to a clear conclusion while calculating the mileage of your Bike through the reserve technique working out 2-3 times is advisable for precise results. Below is video of How to use reserve technique for calculating bike average mileage?

Reserve technique to calculate your Bike Mileage

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 2. Full tank technique to calculate your Bike Mileage

 Complete tank technique is a classical way of assessing your bike mileage; since we already know the base for calculating the mileage of the Bike, let’s explore the concept in a rudimentary fashion.

 Firstly make sure to fill your fuel tank to the top and ensure to lay down your trip meter at zero. Now start your bike drive for at least a base distance of 100 kilometers. After the gusty ride, refuel your fuel tank to accurately assess your Bike’s economic mileage. To lay down accurate mileage, it is advisable to continue this technique at least 3-to 4 times. This technique has an added amount of error with its disturbed ratios while checking tank fuel levels. How to use Full tank technique for calculating bike average mileage?

Full tank technique to calculate your Bike Mileage

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 3. Bottle Method to calculate your Bike Mileage

The bottle Method technique has the least amount of errors under its radar, but it has a bit of trouble associated with it; this method cannot be applied on all types of bikes after implementing BS6 rules and regulations unavailability carburetors in specific models.

Before you use this technique, make sure to elucidate your bike output, the factor you require is a one-liter bottle under the dealership unit. Now fill up your bottle with the fuel and fix the fine tube to the inlet of the carburetor.

 Before starting your ride, look out for your trip meter, which has to be fixed at 0; now drive with your Bike till you sum up all the fuel placed in the bottle, and then sit down to take the readings from the trip meter. The numerical values enlisted on your trip meter are the actual accurate mileage of your Bike. How to use Bottle Method technique for calculating bike average mileage?

Bottle Method to calculate your Bike Mileage

How to calculate your Bike Mileage ?

Below are Apps & Calculators to calculate bike mileage in average.

Click here to use Mileage calculator online.

Download Mileage calculator App to calculate bike mileage

Watch below YouTube video to learn….

Easy method to calculate bike mileage/ Fuel Efficiency/ (Average).

Easy method to calculate bike mileage/ Fuel Efficiency/ (Average).

 Basic measures to maintain a constant mileage of your Bike

There are various parameters to ensure consistent, clean mileage of your Bike; it all depends on how you tune in a while turning your Bike; the basic parameters include sensible driving by making sure to not churn out your throttle from a low cc motorcycle and avoid placing quick brakes as it can damage your clutch gear functionality.

Check your tire pressure frequently to ensure enough air is placed, as a fuel deficit can cause extra strain on the fuel consumption.

 Always make sure to fill your fuel tank from a nearby petrol pump, and not from a local fuel dealer or from garages, as they don’t provide you unaldurated fuel at all times.

 Always place your Bike under a shade or in a well-closed shed or garage, as fuel can get evaporated under the effect of thrashing sunlight.

Mileage places an essential role amidst the hike seen under the radar of fuel prices of our nation, proper calculation of mileage can provide a headstart as a passionate rider to assess the fuel regulation and consumption rates, so before you jump to a furnished showroom to buy a brand new bike make sure to think of the parameters and methods of assessing your bike mileage.

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