September 25, 2022
KTM duke 390 bike mileage

KTM DUKE 390 Bike mileage, Specs & Features.

 In this post we will get KTM Duke 390 bike mileage & specifications and features of bike. The KTM duke 390 is a performance-oriented bike under the radar of a 350 cc unit. The inclusive design of the motorcycle is combative and calculative as it is based on its previous model 1290 Super Duke R. The front end of the KTM Duke 390 includes a spilt LED headlamp, giving it a sporty look like never before.

 The KTM Duke 390 has a  fuel tank, including a muscular look enhancing the sporty look of the bike inclusively. The split framework of the KTM Duke 390 reflects the sporty performance of the bike. The brand new enhanced tail LED light with a matte finished orange color spread across the fuel tank, and a set of alloy-based wheels gives you a look to blend through your ends of colorful journeys.

KTM DUKE 390 Bike mileage, Specs & Features.
KTM DUKE 390 Bike mileage, Specs & Features.

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KTM DUKE 390 Bike mileage, Specs & Features.

 KTM DUKE 390 Fuel regulation

 KTM Duke 390 fuel regulation is not a significant strength for its built; With high compression 373cc engine adjusted for an energetic performance, the KTM Duke 390 gives a base average of about 23 Kmpl. So after watching for its specs & features we will see KTM DUKE 390 Bike mileage on different road conditions like City & Highways.

Performance of KTM Duke 390  Engine.

The KTM Duke 390 motorcycle is actuated with a 373.2 cc single-cylinder type engine, producing efficient power of around 42.90 bhp at 9000 rotations per minute[rpm]. It attains an incidence torque of about 37 Nm at 7000 rpm. The engine of KTM Duke 390 is assisted with a gearbox of 6-speed.

The main feature of the KTM Duke 390  is that it has a total potential 373 cc engine with an advanced capability of ejecting quick power as you turn the choke.

The variant vibrations produced during the burst are sorted with the power-packed engine. The KTM Duke 390  attains quick speed in a twinkle of time, thanks to the small gear ratios responsible for reaching triple-digit in no time.

The KTM Duke 390 motorcycle is a motorcycle for fun rides through the faded roads; the assisted tubular framework produces superior performance and is entirely responsible for the franchise’s success through the years.

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KTM duke 390 Bike Review in Details.

Below video contains below reviews.

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  • 00:00 – Introduction – Duke 390 BS6
  • 01:07 – Duke 390 BS6 Review
  • 01:50 – Duke 390 BS6 Colours
  • 02:15 – Duke 390 BS6 Engine
  • 02:43 – Duke 390 BS6 Ground Clearance
  • 03:17 – Duke 390 BS6 Exhaust Sound
  • 03:51 – Duke 390 BS6 Instrument Cluster
  • 06:21 – Duke 390 BS6 City Ride
  • 08:58 – Duke 390 BS6 Top Speed
  • 12:11 – Duke 390 BS6 Price In India
KTM duke 390 Bike Review in Details.

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Significant features of KTM Duke 390

 KTM Duke 390 is essentially a bike upgraded with witty features to turn your head upside down. The motorcycle receives a split LED headlamp in the front and has a neatly placed boomerang-shaped LED at the rear end.KTM Duke 390 has a TFT display that enhances the instrument display unit, where the display can be navigated through the buttons placed on the left end of the handlebar. Another intelligent feature is how you can sync the display software of your KTM Duke 390 with your smartphone with the help of the KTM MY RIDE app, which is phenomenal in its way.

The cushioned seats are neatly placed with a minimum distance to provide you maximum comfort through your never-ending journey. The split tubular framework gives you a great handling feature, with aided perfect suspension controlled by WP single unit suspension and WP forks located at the front, usually placed upside down.

 The KTM Duke 390 bike is aided with a 320 mm disc placed at the front and a 230 mm disc placed on the rear end, which brings the cycle to rest perfectly. The ABS is provided as a standard measure for the bike. The KTM Duke 390  has a kerb weight of around 163 kg and is stocked with approximately 13.5 liters of a thick metal-aided fuel tank.

 KTM Duke Specifications

Engine specifications

  • Maximum aided power – 43 bhp at around 9000 rpm
  • Maximum assisted torque – 37 Nm at about 7000 rpm
  • Number of valves per unit cylinder – 4
  • Engine CC provide – 373.2 cc
  • Type of fuel delivery – It has a fuel ejection type of  system
  • It has a self – start mechanism aiding for the smooth start of the KTM Duke 390.

KTM duke 390 bike Mileage.

KTM duke 390 bike Mileage – It provides a mileage of around 35 Km/l.
Mileage usually depends on the type of road and congestion included while you ride your bike, which varies with time and tide.

KTM Duke 390 BS6 model bike mileage test

 KTM Duke 390 mileage in city

KTM Duke 390 provides an average mileage of around 34 kmpl in standard or low traffic conditions, while on the other hand, KTM Duke 390 provides an average mileage of about 25 kmpl under the lights of bad traffic conditions.

 KTM Duke 390 mileage on highways

 KTM Duke 390 provides a sheer mileage of around 41 kmpl while riding the bike at a speed of about 100-120 km/hr

 To test the perfect mileage of your bike KTM Duke 390, you need to ensure that your bike has never been ridden before by anyone, and you also have to provide to not maintain constant throttle or maintain a continuous acceleration through your journey.  

Other features of KTM Duke 390

  • Digital clock-It is present.
  • The electrical system-It has a 12V DC unit electrical system 
  • Front storage box-It has no front storage box.
  • Fuel gauge-It has a fuel gauge system.
  • Battery-It has a 12V,8Ah battery.
  • Low fuel indicator-It has an indicator to indicate low fuel
  • Low oil indicator-It has an arrow to indicate low oil
  • Odometer-It has a digitally placed odometer.
  • Tachometer– It has a digitally placed Tachometer
  • USB port for charging-It doesn’t include a USB charging port.
  • Kill switch-It has an indicating kill switch.
  • Type of Gear shifting pattern– It is usually one down five up the kind of gear shifting pattern
  • Ignition-It has a digital ignition type of system
  • Turn signal-It has a turn signal placed in it.
  • Pillion seat-It has a resting pillion seat, providing you sheer comfort.
  • Pillion footrest-It has a pillion footrest below the pillion seat.
  • Stand alarm-It has a standing alarm placed in the analog.

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The KTM Duke 390 stands out as one of the top-notch bikes responsible for providing sheer sporty performance in the 350 cc unit. With aided aggressive performance and stylish features, it’s a power-packed action bike to be grabbed; the only issue pertained to this bike is its power levels of NVH and unaided heating, but this is usually overcome with the help of build-up quality systems and essential cycle parts placed during its manufacture. On an overall view, KTM Duke 390 is a first-class bike under the radar of affordable price with aided sporty features and stylish features to enhance your ride through roads you have never explored.

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